How to advertise your Enterprise Business on YouTube in 2021

In this video, we discuss YouTube Advertising for enterprise and large businesses. We explore mistakes enterprises make on YouTube ads, targeting and retargeting, differences on conversion, and how to use marketing funnels for longer buying cycles.

What was discussed:

0:00 — Intro

1:05 — Opportunities and challenges of larger spends on YouTube

1:41 — Mistakes that Enterprise marketers make with YouTube ads

2:40 — Awareness vs Conversion based YouTube ads

5:50–5 types of YouTube ads

7:42 — Cost of running YouTube ads

8:47 — Conversions for Enterprise level YouTube ads

10:08 — Retargeting on YouTube

11:27 — Targeting on YouTube

12:29 — Setting campaign objectives

13:38 — Using funnels with YouTube ads for Enterprises

14:55 — Keeping videos fresh for longer buying cycles