In this video, I show you one powerful way to increase the views and watch time of your marketing video by understanding intent. By understanding and matching the intent of your audience and the channel you’ll significantly increase your video’s views and watch time.


0:30 — What is intent?

1:41 — Understanding viewer intent

3:57 — Understanding channel intent

4:13 — B2C example of video intent

5:19 — B2B example of video intent

7:06 — Integration with the marketing / sales funnel

In this video, I compare the Canon C70 Cinema Camera and the iPhone 12 Pro when filming a real estate video. Can you tell the difference? And if you are a filmmaker, can the iPhone compete with a Cinema Camera and would you actually shoot with it?


1:01 — iPhone 12 Pro Gear and Settings

1:32 — C70 Gear and Settings

3:00 — Comparison

5:49 — Results and thoughts

In this video, I explore which is better to market your business: cinematic marketing videos or shorter form videos like Tiktok, Reels or YouTube Shorts.

Being both a marketing and filmmaker, I get the question of from marketers and business owners a lot: Do I need long form cinematic videos OR can I just create shorter form videos like Tiktok or Instagram Reels?

It’s not that easy of an answer and I go through the four questions you need to ask yourself to help you determine which would be benefit your business.

In this video, I compare a $10,000 Cinema Camera vs the iPhone 12 Pro in a interview and corporate style setting. I wanted to see who could tell the difference and that you don’t necessarily need a cinema camera to film high quality interview style videos for your business. I tried to use as minimal gear as possible and filmed just using natural light.


1:02 — Gear, settings and costs used to film with iPhone 12 Pro

2:11 — Gear, setting and costs to film with Canon c70 Cinema Camera

3:43 — Comparing Canon C70 vs iPHone 12 Pro for interview style video

5:20 — Results and final thoughts

In this video, I go over two best filmmaking techniques to help you produce the high-quality, cinematic marketing videos for your business.

Understanding the elements of good composition and lighting will significantly improve how you create marketing videos for your business even if you don’t have the most expensive gear or extensive filmmaking experience.

Timestamp of our discussion

0:54 — Gear recap

1:42 — Amateur vs Pro videos

2:23 — How to nail your composition

5:55 — What to know about video lighting

In this video, you’ll learn how to create high quality marketing video with no experience and inexpensive gear.

I show how to create a simple interview-style/corporate video for under $100 and go through 5 key elements for creating a successful marketing video, elements that I use when filming professional quality videos.

I also walkthrough how to create a simple video strategy so your marketing video meets your business goals.

In this video, you’ll learn how to repurpose your blog and written content into audio content; providing another way for you to reach your audience, especially those who prefer to listen.

I discuss the rise of audio content and why creating audio could be easier that written or video content.

Finally, I discuss four tips to repurposing written to audio whether you plan to create audio content yourself or hire a voice talent to help.

Timestamp of our discussion:

0:54 — Why audio content is booming

2:12 — What content to turn into audio

2:33 — Rewriting content for audio

3:54 — Creating audio content

4:54 — Hiring voice talent tips

6:44 — Promoting audio content

In this video, you’ll learn how to get started with audio content marketing. I explore why go all in with audio instead of written or video.

I also provide the eight tips that I use to help any business with an audio content marketing program including how to get…

In this video, I show you how to feed confident and comfortable in front of a camera. Why it’s important to have on-camera skills and 5 tips to make it happen.

Timestamp of the discussion:

0:36 — Why its important to have on-camera skills

2:03 — Being prepared

2:30 — Practice in front of a camera

2:41 — Chunking

3:08 — Repetition

5:08 — Get good by doing

Karl Yeh

Working in web/digital and communications for the Calgary Regional Partnership . Avid adventure racer, tech geek, NFL football fanatic and political junkie.

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